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Who are we?

Our name comes from the startup studio concept which we want to roll out in the Biotech world. A startup studio transforms ideas into successful companies.

Our ambition

Together with our customers, BiotechStudio turns R&D projects into successful biotech business opportunities. We help our customers to move to next stage. 

Some case studies

Evaluation of business opportunities from early stage to late stage research projects and definition of operating strategy for a Biotech company.

Set-up of a business model and implementation/rolling up of the operations and business development infrastructure of a pan-European Biotech like structure.

Implementation and execution of alliance and contract management framework for several Biotech companies.

Build-up of the framework of a Biotech incubator/startup studio and running of the first batch of selected projects with a leading research institution.

Risk assessment and coordination of operations and development activities for a clinical stage Biotech company.

Definition and roll-out of a project management approach for a Biotech company

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